An 8 minute film

All you have to do is just watch the film and then write a comment on your opinion about it: how you felt after/while watching it, whether you liked it or not, if you would recommend it to someone…. Enjoy it!

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6 Responses to An 8 minute film

  1. BELEN dice:

    Good film, but sad history

  2. monica dice:

    I liked it a lot. It has some innocence and tendernence that its gets me cry.Images and music are lovely too.

  3. Alicia dice:

    In my opinion, this film is a beautiful story. It show us that the feelings that we have for our family never change. Although we grow up, we always love ours parents like when we were babis

  4. Mariano dice:

    What can I say? Well… Firstly, I felt quite strange, because I was expecting something very different, but after some seconds I thought, why do I say this? Is a normal Pepa’s film. Anyway, well, as I was saying I felt strange but inmediately sad and then happy. It’s the life story. The life, the death and memories. Is a fantastic film, very good film. Pepa, Luis thanks very much.

  5. LOLI dice:

    I am very sad. you always hope they can come back, bat this impossible. It’s a very good film.

  6. Antonio dice:

    So many things to say about it.It’s life,it’s sweet and sour,it’s ups and downs but above all it’s positive and optimistic : whether the weather is cold or hot she’ll be there waiting for her father.


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