Did you read the book?

Did you see the film?

What did you think?

Which did you like better?


Let us know and send us a comment.

And  if you want to find out more about Slumdog Millionaire, have a look at these weblinks.


  1. Fernando dice:

    I have read the book and seen the film, and I prefer the film because of following three reasons:

    – 1st: I love films
    – 2nd: Danny Boyle is one of my favourite film directors, who has directed films such as ‘The Beach’ or ‘Trainspotting’
    – 3rd: The film is great, and it won the Best Film Oscar Award

    The book is good but I must recognize that I imagined the film characters while reading, because I had already seen the film; the story and idea are belong to the writer, but the driving line is better in the film, in my opinion.

    Moreover the soundtrack is wonderful, therefore the film is wonderful.

  2. Juan Carlos Martín Sánchez dice:

    Hi everybody!
    Film isn’t too bad! It’s really funny and the soundtrack it’s great moreover if you think on the budget of the film, of course! But if you’ve read the book you understand so quickly that it’s impossible to capture the rich, colourfull and pasionate histories that the writer described on it. Furthermore I want to tell you that you shouldn’t let to read the book cause there are a lot of things and details that you can’t whatch in the movie. In my opinion my imagination is powerfull than the reallity showed for the directors shoteye. I was thinking on the history of the Soldier on chapter 500,00 “Soldier’s tale” or the history of Neelima Kumari on “Tragedy Queen” and the death of Shankar or how Ram M. Thomas felt in love of Nita visiting a brothel. Movie Is good but, you know! The book is definitely best and it’s worth the effort to read it from toe to tail!


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