Si tu profe un buen día….

… aparece en clase con una MALETA y te dice que eso que lleva es una maleta VIAJERA, escúchale, atiende, pero no te preocupes que a él / ella no le pasa nada raro.

Te repartirá materiales para que los leas, los escuches o los veas en tu casa  y después se los devuelvas. Hazle caso.

Te pedirá que escribas una opinión sobre lo que te has llevado , bien en una hoja que pondréis en clase o aquí, en el blog de la escuela. Hazlo donde prefieras, pero los sitios no son incompatibles, deja tu opinión.

22 Responses to Si tu profe un buen día….

  1. monica dice:

    I took the magazine Speakup, with the CD.Really, although it´s a magazine for pupils, it has a lot of articles which are very current and interesting. I liked above all one that spoke about the food, I read first my level articles, but then I could understand very well avanced level and I felt very happy.But when I listened the CD it was disappointing at the beginning, but after 3 times, I could understand nearly everything.

  2. Alicia dice:

    Well, I chose a book “Men without women” by Hemingway. For my, it’s very difficult to read it, because there’are a lot of new words. For other hand, the stories are short and funny

  3. Cristina dice:

    I took the Glamour magazine, and I ejoyed it but sometimes it’s dificult to understand. However, it’s useful to read real english. I sometimes buy the spanish magazine. I liked the article about people you hate, and I laughed a lot.

  4. monica dice:

    I chose Men without women, ufff, I don´t know if I don t understand Hemingway or if the book is very difficult for my level… I read all the stories but when I reach to the end I loose and I don t undestand the sense of it.sorry, but I would prefer another things to read…something a little easier.

  5. PEPA dice:

    ” The Contract with God ” is a graphic novel that has four stories, all of them talk about people who live in a tenement in 1930´s New York. I liked very much the atmosphere and the fourth story is my favourite one but I´d prefer a deeper vision of the characters because sometimes they look like cliches. Anyway I recommend this book.

  6. PEPA dice:

    I´ve seen ” La máquina del tiempo “, a documentary that shows us some interesting topics about Time. It´s a little boring and besides I didn´t like its visual format but I understood it quite good, at least the global sense of the film.

  7. María José dice:

    I’ve seen the documentary “La máquina del tiempo”. I have had to see it with subtitles because I wasn’t able to follow it without them. I have liked the documentary fundamentally by his visual effects and pretty views, but it’s a little boring,

  8. María José dice:

    I’ve read a graphic novel “A contract with god”. I liked and enjoed it. I understood it quite well.

  9. Cristina dice:

    The last book I’ve read was “Gothic Stories”. It’s adapted to our level, and easy to read. It also has a CD so you can listen to it while you’re reading. I enjoyed it very much, and I highly recommend it. The stories are divided into parts, and there are some activities and useful grammar explanations between them.

  10. Zaira dice:

    I´ve seen “Time machine”and I want to say two things; one positive and one negative. The first one is that you can understand it quite well without the subtitles, but on the other hand the documentary is boring, this is the negative part.

  11. LOLI dice:

    I took the film “Death at a funeral”. It is a funny story but a bit absurd. I didn’t understand very vell without the subtitles because the actors told very fast. I recommend it; you will laugh a lot.

  12. LOLI dice:

    Last March I’ve read “Glamour”, the Britain’s nº 1 women’s magazine. I understood enough. It´s enjoyable, especially the reality “Glamour found muy long-lost sister. You should read this article.

  13. monica dice:

    I read “Silk” , it told about a man who traveled from France to Egypt and Japan to buy silkworms.He lived in a small town and silk industrie was nearly the only occupation of workers.He lived a peaceful live with his wife and they didn´t have children.
    In one of his journeys to Japan, he met a woman who captivated him.I´ll don´t tell you the end.
    I enjoyed it, and I recommend this book, you can read it quickly, because it has an easy vocabulary and the story is good.

  14. Alicia dice:

    I read a magazine “Glamour”. It`s easy to read it, and there are some funny reports. I like “My long-lost sister” too much, like Loli

  15. Cristina dice:

    The book “Men without women” is about different stories about men’s way of thinking. I enjoyed it, because the way it’s written, and the particular point of view of its main characters. It’s easy to read , because Hemingway has a simple style of writing, so you don’t have to look up lots of new words ( with some exceptions), but sometimes you need to go back and read it again to catch all the details. My favourite ones are “In another country” and “A simple enquiry”.

  16. Alicia dice:

    The magazine Speak Up is very useful. There are a lot of articles which are different levels. I felt very good because I could understand all levels. Speak Up has a CD, this is a good idea for me. I could heard the different articles. I love so much

  17. Alicia dice:

    “A contract with God” is a novel with four different stories that is situated in New York`s tenement.It`s a interesting novel that has some new words, but it`s easy to understand. I like so much.

  18. Cristina dice:

    I’ve just saw” The time machine”. It has been boring, but there has been some interesting things, like the Albert Einstein therory which says that time varies with speed.

  19. Mariano dice:

    Two weeks ago I read “Crime and punishment”. I’ve enjoyed this book as much as I never thought. I say that because when I was younger my father, who was a great reader, liked to read books by Russian writers, and this was one of those books. At this time, I thought this book was very boring. Now I can’t say that. It’s an interesting story, human stories. It’s a kind of book, while you’re reading it, you think a lot. There are a lot things going round in your head all the time. How hard is sometimes life, above all for some people and how they struggle to survive every day.
    Although it’s an advanced level book, I think it’s very easy to understand.

  20. Monica dice:

    I read Ten women, ten histories.At first I thought that it was to be very boring but I was mistaken, I loved all the short stories, they have an unexpected ending and they are short and easy to read.
    I recommend it for our level.

  21. Alicia dice:

    I read Silk. I like it too much. It’s a romantic story which you can read and understand it easier. I feel good so i can read it faster.

  22. PEPA dice:

    I´ve read Gothic Short Stories, by four different authors: W.W. Jacobs, Amelia B. Edwards, E.A. Poe and Bram Stoker. There are four horror stories wich are so easy to understand , besides there is a C.D. to listen to the stories and in the book there are exercises about the reading wich are very interactive.
    I liked all the stories but specially ” The monkey´s paw” and ” The judge´s house”. The book is so enjoyable and a bit frightening, at least for a fearful person like me.


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