Maleta viajera de Inglés

Esta es la sección que hemos destinado al departamento de Inglés  para que sus alumnos puedan escribir   comentarios sobre el material de la maleta viajera que se han llevado a casa. Recordad que los comentarios han de ser en este idioma. Es interesante que dejéis constancia del material que estáis reseñando: título, autor, tipo de material…etc.  Muchas gracias.

14 Responses to Maleta viajera de Inglés

  1. raquel dice:

    Title: Charlie and Lola: ” My completely best story collection”
    This book As seen on Tv.
    The characters created by Lauren Child
    This book has 5 stories and all them are very funny.
    It`s a book which is easy to read and is easy to listen.
    I recommend this book because is easy to read and enjoy it, besides if you have children, you can read whit them.
    I hope you like it if you choose it.

  2. Alicia dice:

    Well, I read Cajun.In the first time, I didn’t like it because the book has a lot of new words in the first part. But then, when I continued to read it I liked it so much.There were some interesting tales, some of them were similar with Spanish tales; for example Catafo is like Pulgarcito.

  3. I read a stories book by Lauren and I,ve enjoied a lot reading and listening it at the same time.I,ve read it twice ,I really liked it.This book,s easy to read and listen to because there aren´t knew words in it.I was very relaxed when I was listening to Charlie and Lola´sweet voices.I recommend it.

  4. Alicia dice:

    I read “X Files. Squeeze”. For me, this book is easy to read it; and it’s very useful because there are exercice and listening too. I like it

  5. Amalia Sánchez dice:

    ELIZABETH. This movie tells the beginning of her reign, full of conspiracies and assassinations. For me, its languges is a bit difficult but with the subtitles in English it is easier to understand. I recommend you this film although it has history details that are not real, you can enjoy it because there are interesting aspects like the cast, the make-up, the wardrobe, the photography,all of them won the best award in different film festivals in 1998.

  6. roberto dice:

    This week I’ve been reading Cajun Folktales. This book is a collection about animal tales,fairy tales, funny folk tales and ghost stories. I’ve read some stories but my favourite was Baptiste and the Pirates. This tale tell us the life of a farmer who works very hard to get to be rich. Then, the story is very sad because her wife’s died and lost her children but finally is a tale with a happy end.

  7. Alicia dice:

    Charlie and Lola: My completely best story collection is a children’s book with CD. It’s easy to read and understand with funny stories about a littler girl.

  8. Alicia dice:

    Matilda has been the last book that I have read. I have liked it and the book got hooked me.
    It’s a beautiful story about a littler child who is very clever.
    I recommend it, becouse there are some new voabulary but it’s easy to understand without using dictionary.

  9. tere dice:

    hi everybody!!!
    I`ve read Marketing which is about a essencial businnes guide.
    I`ve had to look for a lot of words while I was reading because there`re a lot of new specifics words about marketing and business but,however, I like it this book because instead if you like learning more about this.

  10. 63anaid dice:

    I started to read the comic “Asterix in Spain” but when I read the third page I had to stop because it wasn´t atractive for me. The vocabulary is not really dificult and in the first page you´ve got a list with many expressions translated to help you read the comic.

  11. frederic dice:

    Well, i have a quiestion?. Why don´t we see the Spaghetti-Western trilogy?. The good, the bad and the ugly, for a few dollars more, the death have a bill.
    And other we see the Star Wars films, and the next year, we watch The hobbit at premier vision in original languague, it´s english, all in our library, because many people love the film.

  12. Carmen dice:

    I read Hotel Casanova by Sue Leather. The level of this book is correct for my English. I liked it because I love thrillers and I
    understood when I listened to the CD.

  13. concha vallejo dice:

    A couple of years ago, Luis lent me some books to try to improve my reading. I have to say that I still have trouble when I read because I’m a little slow but I really enjoy it, as always.
    I have read about different subjects and different levels and I want to share it with you. I know there are many people who like to read books that someone recommended them because we usually read about the same topics or the same authors. I have to admit that until now I did not mind the issue when I read in English, just I wanted to understand what I was reading, but it’s different now. I’m discovering the pleasure of reading in this language and I want to enjoy the book. Take this opportunity to tell you that I’m reading the old man jump out the window and disappeared from Jonas Jonasson in English. It is one of the books of reading club . I encourage that you read it in English or Spanish and come to discuss it in the club.
    I leave you the list of books.
    one-way ticket
    The titanic is sinking
    The Vegas hill carnival mystery
    Jane Eyre
    Forty years of pop
    The horse whisperer
    A tidy ghost
    A Christmas carol
    Great English Monarchs and Their Time

  14. Omega dice:

    I recommend : Slumdog millionare. It´s a good story about and poor indian boy who wins a huge amount of money in a tv programm. What you discover in the book is his personal life experiences (some good and some very sad) that luckily let him guess the answers of the tv programm. You will know about some of India, the culture, the mysery and the way of that people tries to survive and dream with the idea of love withouth having almost anything.


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