25 enero 2010

Did you read the book?

Did you see the film?

What did you think?

Which did you like better?


Let us know and send us a comment.

And  if you want to find out more about Slumdog Millionaire, have a look at these weblinks.


13 enero 2010


Last Saturday 12th December our school organized an English Day in Hervás. Eleven native English speakers, twenty-seven students from the Advanced Level and four teachers got together and spent a beautiful and unexpectedly sunny day walking around town, getting to know Hervás and each other, having coffee (and a beer or two in some cases), eating paella and, of course, chatting in English. It was fun. Look at some photos.

We hope to have more English Days this year.

We’ll keep you posted.

Energy crisis? What crisis?

13 enero 2010
Are we going back to the past?

Old windmills in La Mancha

So the Copenhagen summit let us all down? Are we in for a bleak environmental future? Well, if world leaders are not up to the task of finding solutions to the world’s energy crisis, you can help contribute ideas and alternatives. Some of you are already suggesting ways to solve the problem in the future.

Have a look at some interesting reports on alternative forms of energy.

There is still hope.