Are you ready for a change?

21 octubre 2010

Eating habits are an important factor to predict how long we can live. Read the following article and then decide whether you should change some of those habits or they have nothing to do with you. Click on the photo to read the article and don’t forget to leave a comment after reading it!!

Don’t forget

15 octubre 2010

To wash your hands before you eat. Did your mum not tell you that everyday?

But, is there a proper way to do it? How long for should we do it?

Watch and learn. For the worksheet, click here

The day America discovered…

14 octubre 2010

voting by mail was a completely new idea…

…they decided they needed a marketing campaign to show everybody how to do it,  how good it was and how sexy it might be. Don’t miss it.

If you need  more, click for details.

Happy new year everyone !

6 octubre 2010

The blog is here, the blog is back. Do you find it difficult to start listening to stuff in English? Try this sweet little pig who talks about her family. It’s both for children and adults and …. very important for us…. easy to follow. Click and enjoy it!

However, if you need a little help with the story, click on the link to get the worksheet. Worksheet and key.

Don’t forget to write your comments below

who, when, why, where…?

21 mayo 2010

If your teacher asks you to write compositions about boring stuff  such as “your hobbies”, “your daily routine” or “your plans for the summer”, tell them you’re busy trying to figure out when, how, why, where or who the two people in the picture are. All you have to do is leave a comment answering the questions.


1. They both speak a lot of languages: Portuguese, English, French, Italian, Spanish…

2. They love London,  where they met

3. If you like international football it’s easier to guess

If Pocoyo can, we can

19 mayo 2010

It’s easy to understand, it’s interactive,  simple language is used in the chapter, the running time is only nine minutes, you can watch it online, you don’t need to record or download documents …

it’s free, healthy and good fun

What are you waiting for?

Just click and learn

Any complaints?

23 marzo 2010

If you spend time writing a shopping list, checking it and making sure you´ve got enough money to buy what you want,   what do you do when you’re not happy with the items you bought? Here you have some ideas that might help you.  Have you ever had any bad experiences with something you bought ? Tell us about it. Good luck !

What kind of a shopper are you?

17 marzo 2010

Are you a spendthrift, a squanderer? Or are you more on the miser, tight-fisted side? Click and discover the kind of shopper you are. First you can answer the questionnaire and then read the article to choose which one best defines your attitude towards shopping. We´ll talk about it on Monday

Are you in love…

11 febrero 2010

and need a hand with a love letter for Sunday?

Don’t panic! Relax, take a pen and note down  some advice to impress your partner with the best ever Valentine’s card. All you have to do is  pay attention to  the following steps. If you find it too difficult or there are some bits you can’t understand, check the written version.

But that’s not all, folks! This time, instead of comments we want to read your love letters.  Come on, don’t be shy and give it a go!

slow food…organic food

20 enero 2010

Did you miss some classes?

Just a little help for you to work at home. Watch the video, answer the questions and check them!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did