Are you in love…

11 febrero 2010

and need a hand with a love letter for Sunday?

Don’t panic! Relax, take a pen and note down  some advice to impress your partner with the best ever Valentine’s card. All you have to do is  pay attention to  the following steps. If you find it too difficult or there are some bits you can’t understand, check the written version.

But that’s not all, folks! This time, instead of comments we want to read your love letters.  Come on, don’t be shy and give it a go!

slow food…organic food

20 enero 2010

Did you miss some classes?

Just a little help for you to work at home. Watch the video, answer the questions and check them!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did

If you are looking for a house…. we have it!

10 diciembre 2009

We are a group of intermediate level students who have written several ads to sell our houses. We might have what you are looking for, so have a look at the texts and give your opinion down below, where it says deja un comentario. Which one would you buy and why?




5 minutes, more than enough

9 diciembre 2009

Next time we go to the beach we should look at the sand in a different way.

Next time we read the paper or watch the news we should think of them in a different way. Shouldn’t we? What do YOU think?

Frida Kahlo’s passions

25 noviembre 2009

If you were not happy with the pictures you saw in class, click, have a look at these ones and say what you think about them.

If you want to have a look at some of her paintings, click here

If you feel like watching a short video aobut her house / life, click.

If you want to answer some questions to check how much you understood, click here

If you want to know more about her, click.

If you want to know who Esteban Volkov is, click

If you want to read about Trotsky and what happened to him, but you want to do it in Spanish, this is an excellent option, clik here

I hope you enjoy it!

An 8 minute film

10 noviembre 2009

All you have to do is just watch the film and then write a comment on your opinion about it: how you felt after/while watching it, whether you liked it or not, if you would recommend it to someone…. Enjoy it!

Follow the link: